Welcome to the 16th International Conference on Safe Communities to be held in Tehran in June, 2007.

ISVIP is a major sponsor of one of the most important conferences of 2007. The 16th International Conference on Safe Communities will be held in Tehran, Iran 11-13 June 2007. This conference will provide a unique opportunity for the researchers, scientists and professions from all over the world especially from the Eastern Mediterranean Region to share their knowledge, experiences and make every community safe at the local level.

ISVIP’s attendance at this conference is vital, as our young, but growing, organization will be able to make its presence known, and support the injury prevention work that is being done through this region. We have been able to attract a mix of practitioners, scientists, politicians and policy-makers as well as representatives from voluntary organisations etc. into a productive exchange of ideas and experiences. I welcome ISVIP’s members to actively take part in this conference, and encourage you to consider presenting your work at the event, as the scientific programme promises to be excellent.

See you in Tehran June 2007!

Leif Svanström
Chair International Society for Violence and Injury Prevention


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