Affiliated member organizations

This relate to international or regional societies and associations which are connected to the mission of ISVIP and want to link in with the activities of ISVIP and its policy and decision making process. Affiliated member organizations do not hold office nor vote in the meetings of membership.

Please contact the Chair for more information:

Just now:
Professor Leif Svanström
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm



ISVIP will be able to draw on the following developments in pursuing its cause:

  • Global public concern about violence and injury
  • A scientific conference that can be evolved into a broader based forum
  • A network of collaboration centers
  • Various international societies focusing on injury prevention
  • Strong civil society movements relating to violence and injury e.g. movement around landmines
  • Media interest in the subject
  • Various dedicated journals
  • Countries with dedicated injury prevention programmes
  • Existing research partnerships

ISVIP will have specific strategic partners in the form of:

  • WHO (HQ and Regional Offices)
  • The group of WHO Collaborating Centers on Injury Control
  • Affiliated member organizations
  • Other international societies working on thematic issues related to injury
  • Lead national institutions



Membership information



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Pre-event of the 1st European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. Presentations

Nyhedsbrev om Ulykkesforskning og forebyggelse december 2005. (Danish)

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