Public and Corporate sponsors – Sustaining members

Public and Corporate bodies that endorse the principles of the Society and want to contribute financially to support it are registered as Sustaining Members. These Sustaining Members do not hold office nor vote in the meeting of membership.

Please contact the Chair for more information:
Just now:
Professor Leif Svanström
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm



ISVIP, under the condition that it attracts a substantial membership base of over 1.000 members, may attractive for both public and corporate sponsors. For the latter category a set of sponsorship rules will be prepared for final endorsement by the ISVIP-members.

In the meantime a fundraising plan will be prepared before the Durban conference and potential sponsors will be sounded in the lead up to the conference and invited to be at the conference. Potential public sponsors are to be found in government agencies (CDC/ Swedish and Danish foreign aid agencies). Corporate sponsors may be found in the car and truck industry, oil companies, delivery services (UPS/ TNT) and insurance business.




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