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Executive Board


Leif Svanström,  Ph.D. in Injury Epidemiology. Professor at Karolinska Institutet since 1980, heading a world-renowned research-group on injury prevention. Introduced ‘Safe Communities’ in the 1970´s and coordinates a world-wide program. Took initiative to the World Conferences on IP&SafeProm in Stockholm 1989.

Maria Isabel Gutierrez M. MD., MSc., PhD. Professor /Director Institute of Research & Development on Violence Prevention and the Promotion of Coexistence - CISALVA Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. WHO/PAHO - Collaborating Center. Master’s degree in Epidemiology & Biostatistics from McGill University, PhD in psychiatry epidemiology and honored with the Paul V. Lemkau Award, made for outstanding performance in doctoral studies in mental health. Bloomberg School of Public Health,  Johns Hopkins University. She has been a researcher on injury/ violence prevention, child abuse, suicide, domestic injuries.


Yousif Rahim graduated in economics. Post graduation studies in health economics and quality improvement in Health care from universities of Tromsø and Helsinki and Master in safety promotion from KI, Sweden. Chairman for the European Safe Community Network, leader of the International Safe community Support Team and editor of ”Safe Community Weekly News”.


Francesco Zambon is a MD with postgraduate training in Community Medicine. Last year, he attended the Master course in Safety Promotion at Karolinska Institutet, and very recently completed a PhD in Health Planning Sciences at Padova University. He is currently employed by the National Health System as a physician epidemiologist.

Other members

Alireza Ahmadi, MD, Birth: 21/04/1971- Iran. Experience: Management, Suicide prevention, Emergency of Neurosurgery and Neurology and Traditional medicine, (CAM). Researches in Burns, Self-immolation, Management, and Wet cupping. Additive Courses: N.S.V., FOCUS-PDCA, TQM and Wet Cupping.


Carmen Clavel- Arcas MD, MPH. I’ m Spanish and Nicaraguan citizen. Living in Atlanta (USA). (2000- 2002) fellow with CDC Foundation implementing injury surveillance systems in emergency rooms in several hospitals in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Colombia. Since 2003 staff member of Pan American Health Organization working together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Latin America and Caribbean with the Minister of Health and Universities.

Lois A. Fingerhut chairs the International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics; she serves on the editorial board of Injury Prevention; and her research includes analyses of injury data from NCHS data sets. Mrs. Fingerhut has worked at the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics since 1977.

Dr. Thuthukile Goba I am an innovative research driven health care role player with special interest in primary health care and public health. My experience in main stream medicine as well as community-based programs has enabled me to gain a wider perspective in service delivery. I have coordinated several community projects including disaster relief and prevention which has led me to understand the dynamics of human interaction and overall functioning.

Lecturer at School of Medecine of Kisangani, Internal Medicine Department. President of Congolese Physicians for Peace, IPPNW DRC Affiliate. Vice Coordinator of Congolese Action Network on Small Aems and Light Weapons.
Landmine Monitor Researcher for DRC from 2001 to 2005.


Dr. Rajam Krishnan, Professor of Primary Care, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia. Founder Member, International Society for Child & Adolescent Injury Prevention. Director, WHO Cooperative Helmet Initiative Program. Member, WHO Advisory Committee, World Health Day 2004. Contributor, WHO Report, Road Traffic Injury Prevention. World Injury Conference Participation, Plenary Speaker 1996.

Dr (MRS) GEETA A. KURHADE, Associate professor and WHO fellow Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur, India. Research & scientific resource person faculty in demographic health surveys. Many Publications & presentation in International conferences. Active Social worker in the field of Violence and Injury Prevention President Medicovet Rural Welfare Society. Treasurer Indian Doctors for Peace and Development. Active partner of World Women's Summit Federation. Represented CSOs of India in United Nations during Prepcom as IANSA awardee.

John Langley has been involved in injury prevention research since 1978. He has been the  Director of the  Injury Prevention Research Unit (IPRU), Dunedin, New Zealand since its inception in 1990. Recent work has focused on alcohol related harm, young drivers, and injury outcome indicators. He has published over 200 peer review research papers, is Deputy Editor of  Injury Prevention.

Dinesh Mohan is Professor for Biomechanics and Transportation Safety and Co-ordinator of the Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has co-authored end edited four books on safety. He is the recipient of: Distinguished Alumnus Award of IIT Bombay, the American Public Health Association International Distinguished Career Award, the Bertil Aldman Award of the International Council on Biomechanics of Impacts, the Association for Advancement of Automotive Medicine’s Award of Merit and the International Association for Accident & Traffic Medicine’s International Award and Medal for outstanding achievement in traffic safety."

Wim Rogmans is Director General for the Consumer Safety Institute in Amsterdam, a WHO-Collaborating Center. He is also general secretary of the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (EuroSafe), and editor - in chief - of the International Journal for Injury Control and Safety Promotion. He has a master degree in Psychology (1978), a doctorate in Social Sciences (1984) and master in Business Administration (1995). The topic of his PhD-thesis was the prevention of childhood injuries.

Dr Babatunde Solagberu is an Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon/Injury Epidemiologist at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital Nigeria. He is Vice Chair of the Centre for Injury Research And Safety Promotion (CIRASP) which has the largest institutional data on injury from Nigeria, "the most populous country in Africa with one of the worst injury statistics. He is Editor in Chief of African Journal of Trauma and Co-ordinator of Trauma Team Training Workshop, and faculty member at the Injury Surveillance Workshop and Road Traffic Injury Prevention workshop, three of the pre-conference workshops for the 8th World Conference. He is presenting a State of the Art Lecture and chairing the 5th plenary session at the 8th World conference. He has over 30 published works. At present he is the treasurer of Injury Prevention Initiative For Africa (IPIFA). He has just recently completed a course at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre, State of Israel on Emergency Preparedness and Mass Casualty.

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Dr. Etienne Krug,



Election Committee

Charles Mock is a trauma surgeon with a PhD in epidemiology.  He is Director of the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center.  He has been active with many aspects of injury control, both in his own country (USA) and in collaboration with colleagues in Ghana, Mexico, and Vietnam and other countries.  He is Chair of the Working Group for Essential Trauma Care of the International Society of Surgery. 

- Faiz Muhammad Fayyaz (Pakistan)

Lucia Loream is a MD with a postgraduate specialization in the field of Hygiene (Child and Youth Hygiene, Environmental Hygiene, Food and Nutrition Hygiene). She is doing a PhD in Medicine with a subject regarding health related knowledge, attitude and behaviour of young people. She works as assistant professor at the Department of Environmental Health, ”Iuliu Haţieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Ahamada Msa Mliva (Comoros)Dr Ahamada MSA MLIVA is a MD, MPH with a postgraduate specialization in neurology and acupuncture. He has served as WHO Executive Board Member for Comoros 2000-02. He works as Director-General, Department of Public Health since 2000. He is the Focal Point, National Committee for Injury and Violence Prevention and Control in Comoros. He speaks Chinese, English, and French. Mobile: +269 34 2811

Chima Ofoegbu- MBBS, FWACS is a general surgeon presently further specializing in cardiothoracic surgery. He is an Assistant Editor to the Board of African Journal of Trauma, member of Injury Prevention Initiative for Africa (IPIFA) and Co-ordinator of Research and Data Analysis at the Centre for Injury Research and Safety Promotion (CIRASP) at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin Nigeria where he works as a Senior Registrar (Surgery). e-mail: Mobile phone no: 234-803-370-9830.

Mohamed Seedat is a professor in the College of Human Sciences at University of South Africa. He is currently Director of the Institute for Social and Health Sciences. He also heads the National Presidential Lead Programme on Crime, Violence and Injury in South Africa. He was a career-development fellow at Yale University (1989 – 1990) and a visiting professor at the prestigious Indian Institute for Technology, New Delhi, India (July 2002 – May 2003). He is the Editor-in-Chief of African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention.



Kidist Bartolomeos, MPH, a technical officer with the WHO Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention , is a native of Ethiopia. Before joining WHO, she worked as a fellow of the Association of Schools of Public Health and at CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. She joined WHO in March 2000.

Mathew Varghese completed his Master’s degree in orthopaedic surgery from the department of orthopaedics, maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi University. He is currently the Head of Department of Orthopaedics and Director, St Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi. He has specialized in trauma care with particular emphasis on reconstructive surgery for complex trauma to the musculo-skeletal system and in pre-hospital care for trauma patients. He is involved in management of a large number of children with paralytic poliomyelitis and cerebral palsy. He is also associated with the Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme (TRIPP) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi as an expert on injury control and the epidemiology of injuries.


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